• Fixes errors from previous versions.
  • New translation to the German language.
  • Fix some translations.
  • By using the Ugo Capeto software, it gives us the possibility to save the images individually and open them in the "Continuous shooting" mode.
  • Google Maps replaced by Leaflet (https://leafletjs.com/).
  • Darken the screen while executing "Automatic Alignment".
  • It makes it possible to download images from a web page made with the HTML5 gallery software Stereo Viewer by Masuji Suto, although with some limitations.
  • Fixes errors from previous versions.
  • Update the version of StereoPhoto Maker.
  • New version of SNS-HDR Lite for 64-bit Operating Systems.
  • Corrects errors of previous versions.
  • Enables the possibility of various types of images both Side-by-Side as Abowe-Below.
  • Add the photo search function and albums in the Database Program.
  • Optimizes the Windows registry for implementing the integrated browser in the program.
  • Add the burden of 3D images from a url.
  • Gets a stereo pair of images of a jpg image with embedded depth map (google camera).
  • New simpler and minimalist interface.
  • Improved editing of saved actions.
  • Add the ability to download images from internet on the basis of the data.xml file of a gallery Flash Stereo Viewer.
  • Add the ability to download images from Internet.
  • It is included to see the effect of focus, sepia or curved while being selected in the second monitor.
  • Increase the size of the thumbnail to 96x96 px.